Where children learn the origin, nature, principles and benefits of liberty
   from the perspective of Faith, Hope and Charity

St. Louis
Vacation Liberty School

Teaching kids to be proud Americans

About Us


The  basic concept of VLS came from a 9-12 member in Kentucky. A Central Kentucky 9-12 Group in took the idea to the next level and began developing an outline of what a special program to teach kids about our country's founding principles would look like.  That group consisted of engineers, artists, data analysts, electrical contractors, insurance agents, moms, teachers, a Gulf War veteran and others. Their diverse life experience and fields of expertise were brought together by shared principles and values and a passion for assuring our nation continues to be a beacon for liberty.

 The curriculum and program were put together over weeks of intense late nights (after finishing regular jobs) and weekends. The final program included instruction time, discussion, games and a mini economy. The first VLS was held in 2009 and was a great success. The group shared their experience and planning materials with others who were interested in starting their own such programs.  Several more programs have since started up in FL, NC, OH, CO, and NY.

Starting in St. Louis

A group of like minded people, who agreed with  the 9 principles and 12 values first enumerated by Glenn Beck, started talking about the VLS program during the campaigns of 2010. It seemed no matter who we talked to about this program, we were met with great excitement and so we began to pull together the elements necessary to bring such a program to the St. Louis county area. This is a strictly volunteer effort, run by a dedicated group of patriots who don't want to see the value of liberty lost in this next generation.

Using the KY curriculum as our model we put together the program we offered  for the first time the summer of 2011. Through our liaisons with other like minded groups in the area (Concerned Women of America, St. Louis Tea Party,  etc.) we gathered support personnel and funding allowing us to offer a unique experience at a very reasonable price. Our own members brought a wide range of expertise that enabled us to provide a truly quality program for children.

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