Where children learn the origin, nature, principles and benefits of liberty
   from the perspective of Faith, Hope and Charity

St. Louis
Vacation Liberty School

Teaching kids to be proud Americans


St. Louis Vacation Liberty School


To educate, enlighten, and excite kids about the beliefs, fundamentals, and principles on which this country was founded; and to empower them with the knowledge and will to preserve these ideas and liberties for our Nation.

We believe it is through education, a deep knowledge of our American heritage, and a foundation of faith, that liberty will survive and thrive. Sadly, there has been a void in education and understanding plaguing recent generations of Americans pertaining to the fundamentals and principles on which our country was founded. Without teaching the origin, nature, and benefits of liberty, we are in danger of condemning the next generation to accept tyranny. We are a non-partisan and non-political organization desiring to plant the seeds for the next refounders so that liberty may grow.

Through instruction, performance, small group discussions  and games designed to teach in a fun interactive way, we will take your children (grades 5-8) on a week long exploration of the founding principles of personal and economic freedom.  Just as the American colonists discovered the principles of liberty through a variety of experiences and experiments involving societies and human nature, your children will discover these principles for themselves through our activities.  

St. Louis Vacation Liberty School is a week long, half-day program for kids ages 11-14 during which they experience the principles and benefits of liberty from the perspective of Faith, Hope and Charity. Each day incorporates classroom work, games and group activities. The children are separated into 2 groups, upper and lower grades.  This allows our teachers to adjust the curriculum appropriately. The games and activities are done as a group, supervised by the teachers and their assistants called 'governors'. The students are given opportunities to earn 'nuggets', redeemable at the VLS General Store, which  plays a vital role in the economics portion of the curriculum.


Day 1; Introduction to Liberty. The students learn what is was like to live in the "Old World" under the tyrannical rule of King George and experience Liberty in "America".  With Liberty comes Responsibility.


Day 2: The Founder's Embodiment of Faith. A very moving reenactment (a day in October 1746 at the Old South Church in Boston, a day of prayer and fasting) as Rev. Thomas Prince speaks to his congregation. The balance of the day centers on faith's role in the Revolutionary War and how our rights come from our Creator and Natural Law.


Day 3: Hope. Students receive an introduction to economics via a group game that includes the Central Banker. Discussions on Equal Rights, Slavery, Womens Suffrage and Segregation, and what 'equal justice' really means...   This year, an Original Documents expert will present historical documents from his personal collection (awesome!).


Day 4: Charity. A visit from Benjamin Franklin!  Before camp begins, a local charity is chosen for VLS to 'adopt' for the week. In the past the USO of Missouri and Fisher House have been selected.  Former/current military personnel come to share their experiences with the group.

The Economics Game is played again, this time with an emphasis on Charity.  At the end of this day, care packages are assembled and cards created for the chosen charity.


Day 5: Sustaining Liberty This day we focus on finding the balance between Liberty and Tyranny. Also covered are the concepts of Centralization vs. Decentralization, Republic vs. Democracy and money and intrinsic value.   We wrap up by asking the students “now what?” and “where do we go from here?”


St. Louis Vacation Liberty School is a 501(c) 3 run by an all volunteer staff and the curriculum taught by certified teachers.  The tuition covers the cost of t-shirts, brochures, General Store items, snack and drinks, and miscellaneous printed material.  Donations and Volunteers are welcomed.


Our curriculum is based on sources like The  5000 Year Leap and A Patriots History of  The United States. Other sources were used to create dynamic lesson plans intended to teach principles, not dates and names: e.g.Truth for Patriots, We the People, Bill of Rights Institute, National Archives Charters of Freedom, Constitution Facts.com, The Federalist Papers, The Constitutional Sources Projects,  Principles of Freedom 101: Study Guide,  Library of Congress ~ Religion and the Founding of the America, The American Colonist's Library and others.  


Our dedicated 100% volunteer staff include lifelong teachers, ministers, nurses, Boy and Girl Scouts, and moms.

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